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Recipe Development Book will be available soon.
For all of you who love to cook or just enjoy experimenting with foods I have the perfect suggestion, it’s a culinary compendium and so much more... for K8-K12 students, foodies home cooks, beginner cooks, chefs, culinary students, H.E teachers, cottage food operations and culinary schools too. 

Real Food for Students
Book will be available soon.
 Real Food for Students emphasizes to students the importance of eating with a conscience. To convey and support the message that there is a connection between the environment and our food system. How our food is grown can effect the habitat within our environment and Real Food for students offers clarity and solutions for a healthy connection when choosing foods for cooking or immediate consumption. My Team has also prepared and cooked simple recipes that are doable for anytime of the day.  
We will also be utilizing many avenues to highlight our objectives by hands on community cooking and demo classes, field trips to the farms, visits farmers markets and hosting movies / documentary screenings for our Very Important Students (VIS).

Be the Change You Want to See.
  Learning is a natural progression in life and learning more about how we can choose foods that will benefit the good of our health and good for the planet will always leave us smiling.  Small changes through food, recycling, reusing and all things eco can have a snowball effect that will make it easier for others to follow too. 
By Rany Prambs

For all inquires or if you would like to be placed on the order list for the Recipe Development Book or Real Food for Students please complete the contact info section as below and I’ll be happy to add you on to my order list. Once the book is released you will be notified and you'll have the option to purchase and thank you.
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Your Right to Know

By Andrew Kimbrell
Genetic Engineering and The Secret Changes In Your Food.
(A great introduction to students.)

The Absence of Soil 
By Imani Zito 
A self help book for parents with concerned children
for our food and planet.


By Chris Taylor
An insight to when our food system started to become substandard to where it stands now.
Emphasis on the changes and choices that are being made on a community level.

Food Inc
By Robert Kenner
An inside look in to corporate America - Food System

By Ana Sofia Joanes
New thinking about what we are eating
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