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Real Food for Students will emphasize to students through to K12 the importance of eating with a conscience, by conveying the message that there is a link between the environment and a connection to our food system. Easy and simple changes in ones eating habits can make the difference to healthier food choices and to our planet too.
The Real Food for Students Mission is to enlighten, educate and offer clarity to the "food path" for a healthier connection to our food system.
Real Food for Students will also be utilizing various avenues to highlight our objectives by hands a hands on approach through cooking classes, demo classes, field trips to the farms, visits to the local farmers markets and various documentary screenings for our Very Important Students (VIS).
Meet My Team; Aashrita, Aditya, Aileen, Amanda, Amelia, Jürgen, Neil, Vrinda and Johann who prepared and cooked up all the super simple and yummy recipes for Real food for Students Book.

Now for a huge "THANK YOU" to our Team, Florida Crystals Organic Sugar, Whole Foods in Cupertino, CA and Royal Doulton.

                             Aashrita                 Aditya                Aileen                   Amanda                    Amelia        

                                       Jürgen                      Neil                      Vrinda                   Johann

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